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Sleeveless Sweater Dress (based on V02)

Here's a sleeveless version of the second version of my sweater dress. To view the preview pics, please click on the teaser picture. Save for said teaser, the pictures had only Clarify and Sharpen applied to them. Because they're extremely large images, you'll need to click more than once to see them at full size.

Requirements: None, because I recolored and edited items from the base game. My usual TOS applies.
Other notes: Classified under Everyday.
Genetics CC: Skintone by Louis-SimCribbling (Lin's from MTS2), Eyes by FionaAzreal (from MTS2), Makeup by Helaene.
Download: Go to Opens a new window.

Thanks very much for downloading. :)
Tags: adult female clothing, adult female everyday
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