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Adult Male Suit & Sweater Combo

A dark suit for your adult males. I removed the shirt and tie from a base game suit and replaced it with the texture from the female sweater dress I made (2nd version). Preview pictures are very large; you'll need to click on them more than once to see them at full size (good for examining detail). Save for Sharpen and Clarify, I did not apply any fancy effects to the images.

This is the suit I recolored.

This picture and the next two were taken outside when the light was warmer (I have Seasons).

I included the sweater dress ver. 02 in the pic to show where I had gotten the texture from.

These last three pictures show what the suit looks like indoors. I didn't have any lights on at the time.

Requirements: None, because I recolored and edited items from the base game. My usual TOS applies.
Other notes: classified under Everyday & Formal.
CC: Louis-SimCribbling (Lin's from MTS2), Navetsea (MTS2), FionaAzreal (from MTS2), Rensim (my recolor), Helaene, Louis/SimCribbling, SimderZ, Mango Sims, Barcelonista (MTS2).
Download: Go to Opens a new window.

Thanks very much for downloading. :)
Tags: adult male, adult male everyday, adult male formal, suit
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