msrsimstuffpics (msrsimstuffpics) wrote in msr_simstuff,

Sweater Dress & Boots Version 2

As promised, a different version --- not quite so dark --- of the sweater dress-boots combo that I had uploaded to this site on 30 July; for those who are interested in the superdeedooper matte black version, please go to this post.

View the preview pictures (102-somethingxsomething --- huuuuge) for this version @ this link. Opens a new window.

Requirements: None, because I recolored and edited items from the base game. My usual TOS applies.
Other notes: Classified under Everyday.
Genetics CC: Skintone by Louis-SimCribbling (Lin's from MTS2), Eyes by FionaAzreal (from MTS2), Makeup by Helaene.
Download: Go to Opens a new window.

Thanks very much for downloading. :)
Tags: adult female clothing, adult female everyday
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